Unearth Your Highest Potential & Catapult Into Your BLISS with ...

The Experience

a 3-month sacred mentorship for the high-level woman ready for true Unlimited Living

Unearth Your Highest Potential & Catapult Into Your BLISS with ...

The Experience

a 4-month sacred mentorship for the high-level woman ready for true Unlimited Living
As a grounded, conscious woman, you’ve taken the steps to heal, you know your value, and you’re intimately self-aware. But now, you’re ready to access the next-level of your

abundance and bliss

You need to be seen, heard, and understood by someone that can …

Guide you, teach you, & hold you accountable while you dive DEEP into true quantum living!

The Experience is for you if…

You know your worth, value, and want to step even deeper into your fulfilled purpose

You’re ready to shift your focus from the life you’ve built & what you’re Do-ing … to the way you show up & how you’re Be-ing

You’re dedicated to deeper self-awareness & living the life you’ve always dreamed of living

You want a high-level mentor along your spiritual and manifestation journey to hold you accountable

You want to HAVE IT ALL!

Get ready to shift your vibration into the bliss of living in ...

The Vortex!

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Heidi made me feel seen & helped me stop doubting myself.

Heidi as a teacher is magical. But the best part is the fire, love and passion that she brings. Heidi made me feel seen and helped me stop doubting myself. She can see the journey you are on but doesn’t give you the map. She empowers you to find your way on your own and that transformation will last me a lifetime. – Maxie

Emerge into your full authenticity and claim your highest power when you join me for...

The Experience

a 3-month sacred mentorship for the high-level woman ready for true Unlimited Living

During The Next 3 Months of The Experience, you’ll receive …

Group “Calibration” sessions 3x a month
Mentoring calls on self-mastery, love, relationships, money, & more!
TWO private calls with Heidi to kick-off & close your epic journey together
Heidi’s full vault of programs & content
Personal sessions with an Astrologist, a Human Design Expert, AND Breathwork Training
Unlimited private Voxer access to Heidi
A life-changing & transformational in-person retreat at Heidi’s California Ranch*
A community of high-level sisters on a similar journey to learn from, network, connect, & stay accountable with

... and so much more!

Here's what previous Clients have to say ...

heather new img

Heidi helped me Stop Doubting Myself

"Heidi pointed out some "things" within my career and how I was trying and not doing a very good job navigating to be where "I want to be"..... Heidi made me realize I was focusing on things that I shouldn't be focusing on. She pointed out an entire NEW ROUTE that scares me while at the same time makes so much sense. Thank you Heidi for lighting a fire under my butt!"
~ Heather

Hannah 2

I Dove to Depths that I didn’t know I could

"Heidi is a woman who exemplifies and embodies the strength and grace that is within every woman. When I started working with Heidi, I had no idea how big my life was actually meant to be but I am grateful she did and with her support, I dove to depths that I didn’t know I could discover leading to changes and results I had merely dreamed of!”
~ Hannah B

Rachael B

Heidi showed me How to Get What I Desire from Life

"I am lucky enough to call Heidi a friend and a mentor to me. Heidi knows how to get what she desires from life and let me tell you... she means business! Heidi knows how to get what she desires from life and is unapologetic for who she is! Her success is a reflection of her desire to help and to live the best life ever. Very thankful for her in my life.” ~ ~Rachael B, Founder of Platefit

You really can have it all!

You can ...

  • Become an expert at high-level manifestation
  • Live abundantly at vortex-level bliss
  • Master the skill of pure present-moment awareness
  • Feel ecstatic about who you are becoming
  • Experience true infinite living

... and unearth the

unlimited potential of your life!

You hold inside of you everything you need to create an infinite, abundant, blissful, euphoric life—and I’m so excited to help you access it!

Here's what previous clients have to say ...

Heidi is an Inspiring Visionary

"Heidi has not only been an inspiring visionary in regards to guiding me towards my destined path but has the brains and business sense to make a concrete, easy-to-grasp, step-by-step plan that turned into a reality. She is a major reason for my personal and financial success! Thank you, Heidi!"
~ Taylor K.

Working with Heidi is a Safe Space

"Working with Heidi is a safe place. There is no story she hasn’t heard or no experience she can’t work you through. Heidi guides you in making your own decisions about the business and life you want to have, and helps you be clear on what your intentions are."
~ Jen P

Heidi Helped me Scale my Business

"Heidi is such an incredible woman. She is so in-tune with everything. Heidi has shown me how to have balance with my spiritual side. She has also helped me see that I can have it all and I don't have to do it all which has been huge in scaling my business. I am so grateful for her and everything she has taught me." ~ Jen J

The Investment

Initial deposit of
For a 3-month commitment
Then 3 monthly payments of $3,000 (for a total of $10,000 investment)
  • Monthly Calibration Sessions
  • Mentoring Calls
  • Two Private Calls
  • Programs & Content Vault
  • Personal Sessions with Inspirational Experts
  • Unlimited Private Voxer Access
  • The Retreat at The Ranch ($2,500 value)
  • Sisterhood Accountability Community (priceless)

You’re ready for this. You’ve earned this. You’re right on the verge of your biggest breakthrough. Can you feel it?

Hi, I'm Heidi.

A mindset, wealth consciousness expert and serial manifestor. After studying and applying this work for the past 10 years, I’ve created a life I didn’t think was possible. I’ve supported hundreds of women to manifest their best life and experience abundance, freedom and joy through my online courses, retreats and coaching.

I have my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing, built and run a multi-7 figure real estate team with my husband. I’m a mom of two little ones, a wife and live in San Diego.

I’d be honored to guide you deeper into your journey & watch you truly blossom through personal transformation and self-realization. It’s time to ...

live your deepest bliss!

*Airfare and hotel not included.

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