This Release of Liability and Retreat Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into on the date in which a Retreat ticket is purchased, and is by and between Heidi Stevens LLC (“Company”), and you, the Retreat Attendee and participant purchasing a space in the retreat as outlined below (“Participant”). Participant understands and agrees he/she/they are entering into a legally binding Agreement with Company, inclusive of the following terms and conditions as outlined herein, and the Privacy Policy found on

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by all Parties, Participant is electing to purchase a coveted and limited seat in The Retreat at the Ranch with Heidi Stevens (hereinafter “Retreat’). 

General Retreat Itinerary

Participant is purchasing a seat in Company’s The Retreat at the Ranch with Heidi Stevens, a three-day, live Retreat located in San Diego, California, designed to educate Participant about ways to add spiritual practices into their lives. 

Payment and Refunds
The total investment for Retreat is three-thousand U.S. dollars ($3000).  Participant may secure his/her/their ticket by paying in full, or using a payment plan, if offered by Company. 

Refunds: Company will not offer refunds for any reason once Participant has purchased a ticket to Retreat. If Participant is unable to attend Retreat for medical reasons, is feeling ill, has been exposed to a virus, or otherwise does not feel able to attend based upon health or wellness reasons, Company may, in its sole and exclusive discretion, offer such Participant a credit for a future retreat or offering from Company, to be used within twelve (12) months from the date of issue. 

If Participant is unable to attend due to reasons other than medical, Participant will not be eligible for a refund Participant understands and agrees to this, as Participant will have taken a spot that Company is otherwise not marketing or attempting to sell to another guest during the time in which Participant has elected to reserve it via the deposit and payment of balance. Company allows a limited number of guests at each Retreat, and Participant is taking one of these spots by purchasing and providing a deposit. As such, it is reasonable for Company to disallow cancellations and refunds within thirty (30) days of the Retreat. If for any reason Company must cancel or reschedule Retreat due to illness, weather, or any other reason, Company will provide all participants with as much notice as possible, as well as the rescheduled date, if known. If Participant may not attend on the newly scheduled date, the parties will discuss a refund, or will find another company retreat Participant may attend. 

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER – Not Medical or Professional Advice

The purpose and goal of Retreat is to provide Client with information, education, accountability, and support in the field of manifestation, abundance mindset, and to receive education in breathwork. Retreat and content contained within it are not to be considered medical advice, and nothing within the Retreat is intended to provide or act as a substitute for mental health or medical treatment. There are no treatment or medical-based elements to Retreat, and it is not meant for those who are in need of (or think they may be in need of) medical or counseling services. Company encourages Participant to consult a physician if they believe they may benefit from such services, and/or to obtain medical clearance to participate in activities such as breathwork. Company will assume that all individuals choosing to participate in Retreat will have previously obtained clearance and permission from their applicable personal medical physician. 

Voluntary Participation 

Participant agrees and understands that his or her decision to attend Retreat, and/or participate in any and all activities available at Retreat, is purely voluntary, and must be independently decided by Participant. To the extent allowable by law, any negative experiences before, during (including during any guest expert or instructor classes and activities as applicable), or after the Retreat is no fault or responsibility of Company. Participant has decided based upon the totality of circumstances that it would benefit him or her to attend, and that Participant would like to attend, inclusive of all potential activities and classes offered at Retreat. Participant will not hold Company nor any affiliates, employees, owners, or contractors responsible for any injury, issue, or negative experience occurring while at Retreat, as a result of his/her/their attendance, or any portion of travel to and from Retreat.


Participant acknowledges he/she/they may need to travel in order to attend Retreat, and confirms that the decision to travel, and manner and mode by which Participant chooses to travel in order to get to Retreat is wholly of Participant’s own choosing, and not in any way associated with the Retreat or Company, nor is it included in the Retreat. Should Participant encounter a negative situation or result from the choice of manner of travel, including but not limited to lost luggage, flight delay, injury, illness, or other property loss, Participant understands and agrees that Company is neither responsible nor liable, and that any required or optional travel is not associated with the Retreat. 


Company will not provide any accommodations in connection with Retreat; if Participant is traveling to attend and in need of overnight lodging, Participant will need to research, book, and purchase any such accommodations on his/her/their own. Any decision to do so is wholly unrelated to Retreat.  


Company may elect to provide snacks, meals and/or drinks for optional consumption by Participant as desired, as Company sees fit throughout the duration of Retreat; any additional funds spent on food, drinks, or refreshments by Participant will not be included in Retreat, and will be the sole decision and responsibility of Participant. Should Company offer food or drinks, it will do its best to label all food and drink options to allow Participants to identify any potential allergens contained in a food item, but cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness of all food warnings. Participant will use independent judgment to determine if such food and/or drinks are appropriate for consumption. While Company will make a reasonable effort to provide meal and drink options that fit within common dietary restrictions or needs, it may not be feasible to accommodate every restriction, and there may be certain meals, or certain portions of meals, that will not comply with Participant’s restrictions. Company is not to be held responsible should Participant have any adverse reaction to foods or drinks while at Retreat, whether due to a known or unknown cause, whether food was appropriately labeled or not. Participant takes full responsibility for choosing what to eat at Retreat.


Participant understands Retreat may include elements or activities that involve a certain level of physical activity or exertion, fitness level, or physical ability, which carries with it certain inherent risks. This may include, but is not limited to classes, workshops, and/or trainings offered from speakers and the host in the form of yoga, breathwork, meditative practices and meditation, and any other similar wellness-centered physical or mental activity Company may see fit. By execution of this agreement, Participant accepts and assumes all risks associated with any activities he/she/they elect to participate in while at Retreat, and take full responsibility for any and all injuries, damages (economic and noneconomic), and losses of any type, and fully and forever release and discharge Company, any affiliates or employees of Company, and any individuals or companies participating as guest speakers, instructors, or experts at Retreat from any claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action – present or future – whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of participation in Retreat. 

Participant agrees to be solely responsible for his/her safety, as well as the safety of any guests he/she may have brought. Participant agrees to conduct themselves in a reasonable and controlled manner at all times while at Retreat, and refrain from partaking in any activities that may cause him/her injury or illness. While Company will do its best to be aware of any and all participant special needs or safety precautions, and will take all reasonable safety measures when offering any kind of activity, Participant understands Company is not responsible for any resulting injury, damages, property loss, or other negative issue that occurs during or after Retreat. 

Medical Evaluation 

Participant takes full responsibility for his/her physical well-being at Retreat. If Participant has any health-related restrictions, limitations, is pregnant, disabled in any way, or has recently suffered an illness, injury, or impairment, Participant has or will consult a personal physician regarding this issue prior to attending Retreat, and obtain any information regarding how to maintain health while at Retreat. Company is not liable should any injury or aggravation occur. 

Should Participant need medical attention during Retreat, Participant consents to receiving emergency medical care and transportation as deemed appropriate and necessary by medical professionals called to the Retreat. This Release also extends to any liability arising out of or related to any medical treatment provided to Participant, including but not limited to negligent emergency rescue options. Participant confirms that should he/she/they sustain any injury requiring medical attention, neither Company nor Heidi Stevens is liable nor responsible in any way, financial or otherwise. Participant agrees to hold Company harmless from any injury or illness sustained, directly or indirectly caused by participation in Retreat, and confirms he/she will not involve Company in any claim, lawsuit, or cause of action related to injuries sustained or damaged alleged directly or indirectly from Participant’s attendance at or involvement in Retreat. 

Medical Release

By participating in Retreat, Participant understands he/she/they may be exposed to germs, viruses, and/or illnesses, and may contract a virus as a direct or indirect result. Participant confirms he/she/they have independently weighed the risks, conducted any additional research, asked any necessary questions, and made a voluntary decision to attend Retreat. Participant has been adequately informed of all risks associated with gathering in-person, and hereby assume all such risks associated with potential transmission or exposure, and accept sole responsibility for any illness, injury, damage, claim, or exposure arising from Retreat. 

Participant agrees Company is not liable or responsible in any way, financially or otherwise, should Participant be exposed to or contract a virus or other illness as a direct or indirect result of attending Retreat. Participant agrees to hold Company and any other assistants participating in Retreat harmless from any medical expenses, emotional damage or other alleged or real costs, damages, causes of action, or claims that may result from contracting or any virus or illness. As consideration for this waiver, Company agrees to waive any liability or claim against Participant for any viral transmission or exposure. However, all such waivers shall not prohibit actions or claims against any person who knowingly participated in Retreat while exhibiting any symptoms of illness, or who knowingly participated while having an active, contagious illness.

Participant confirms he/she/they will respect any distancing requests, mask requests, and other similar hygiene and sanitation procedures requested or provided by Company. Company reserves the right to refuse Participant access to Retreat, request additional distancing measures should Participant have a fever, any symptoms of illness, or otherwise give Company any reason to request such measures. 

Disclaimer / Indemnification 

Participant expressly agrees to indemnity and hold Company and all affiliates, contractors, employees, and owners harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, rights or causes of action or any person or entity that may arise from injuries or damages sustained by Participant while attending Retreat. Participant also understands the hosts, speakers, experts, and guests are not necessarily doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial advisers, licensed therapists, or other similar professionals, (and if they are, Participant understands they are not acting in their capacity as such and are not providing any personalized advice or treatment at Retreat) and agree to hold Company harmless should any physical, emotional, or financial injury occur as a direct or indirect result of any aspect of Retreat. Participant confirms he/she is attending voluntarily and confirms any expectations or preconceived notions about Retreat are purely speculation. 

All services provided by Company in connection with the Retreat are provided on an “as is” basis, meaning it is without any guarantees, representations, or warranties, including but not limited to warranties relating to quality, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or expectation or course of performance. Participant is choosing to attend Retreat on a purely voluntary basis and does not hold Company responsible should Participant become dissatisfied with any portion of Retreat. Participant agrees that he/she does not have a cause of action, legal remedy, and is not entitled to a refund should he/she not achieve the results desired following Retreat. 

Earnings Disclaimer: Company also does not make any guarantees or assurances regarding a particular financial outcome based on Retreat, nor is Company responsible for Participant earnings, or any increase or decrease in finances based upon information within Retreat. Participant understands he/she/they are purchasing access to information, guidance, and community, not a guaranteed increase in business growth or financial gain.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or issue relating to Retreat is to be resolved via mediation in or as near as possible to the city

of Los Angeles, California. This Waiver is also controlled by California Law, and is to be construed by

the laws of California, regardless of location of Retreat or Participant.

Photo/Media Release 

Retreat will likely be filmed, recorded, and/or documented by photographers, media, or other members of the press, or by other participants at Retreat. Participant understands he/she will likely be videotaped, photographed, or otherwise captured at Retreat, and consents to his/her likeness being used in such media. Participant hereby grants Company a royalty-free, irrevocable license to use Participant’s name, likeness, and image in using such video and photography from Retreat for commercial use, as it sees fit. This may include but is not limited to posting photos and video on Company’s website, and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) future sales pages and advertisements for future Retreats, and to promote and publicize the Retreat in general. Company may also sell or assign the right to use such images or other materials to third parties. By purchasing a spot in Retreat and agreeing to this Waiver, Participant provides Company with a full, irrevocable release allowing Company and any other relevant party to use his/ her name and likeness, and all such footage in any way it sees fit. 

Other Retreat attendees and presenters may also have recording devices, including cell phones, laptops, and other means of recording footage, photos, and audio that they may share online via social media applications. Participant understands that attendees are within their rights to do so, and that Participant does not have any expectation of privacy at Retreat. Company is not responsible for footage, photographs, and any other information obtained by Retreat attendees and posted on social media, the Internet, and/or other avenues. Participant agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Company and any affiliates of Retreat should any attendee post or broadcast any form of photography or media regarding or including Participant, whether intentional or unintentional. Company is not responsible nor liable for what attendees may post, and Participant agrees he or she is attending Retreat voluntarily, and assumes any and all such risks of being photographed or otherwise recorded by Retreat staff, attendees, guest experts, speakers, and/or Company. 

Term / Termination

This Waiver is to take effect as soon as Participant completes his/her purchase for Retreat and is to continue in full force and effect through the date of Retreat. If Participant is no longer able to attend Retreat, he/she may terminate this Agreement; however, no refund will be provided absent extenuating circumstances, and/or as outlined above with respect to illness. 

I, PARTICIPANT, have read the foregoing waiver and release, and voluntarily agree to the terms as written, with full knowledge of its content and meaning. I understand this Waiver is being agreed to in addition to and in accordance with any additional Agreements between myself and Company, in relation to any other programs or services from Company that I am currently participating in. I confirm that checking the corresponding box next to this agreement on the purchase page and completing purchase is acting as confirmation of my assent to this Agreement. 

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