Start Designing Your Best Life – Interview Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton, a co-founder of Screw the Nine to Five and CEO of the Millionaire Girls Club, gets deep into personal experiences to help you in designing your best life. She joins us on Drop into the Vortex to, as she says, “get into the flow and embrace the magic”.

Jill had the idea for Millionaire Girls Club two years ago. She sat on this idea for so long because of her history of very strained relationships with women. Finding a way to peel that back and heal through that and realize it was all in service was really important. These relationships and experiences were in service because she could understand and empathize with what a lot of women go through.

Jill also felt it was a big stretch to go out on her own, after only having ever built businesses with her husband. When she was building her business, asking friends and women making 8+ figures to go on this journey and spend money with her was really intimidating. She made those stretches and shared how taking what you wanted is key to designing your best life.

Jill and her husband, Josh, have designed a beautiful life. When Jill and Josh met, they both had plans to travel and seize their twenties, but they truly connected and decided to spend their life traveling together. They’ve traveled all over the world, lived in many countries, soon to be moving to the Cayman Islands from Mexico. They share these core values of the importance of travel, meet amazing people, and it seems that Source has just shined this light on them to provide this life.

Jill and Josh’s son is almost three and getting ready to take his 27th flight. His life has been built around seeing new places, trying new things, and experiencing new cultures. It’s not for everyone, but it is so important to them as a family. She has invested heavily in nannies to provide consistent child care when they stay in new places for chunks of time. As a mom, her mindset has changed in some ways and she is desiring a perfect home base for their family.

We talk about the importance of giving yourself the permission to want what you want. Even the pandemic has left a lot of women questioning what they truly want. Jill shares a story about an internal change her husband Josh went through after the birth of her son. Things became unaligned and as they worked through the murk, they questioned everything. She stresses, to ask yourselves those questions, and answer unapologetically with what it is you deeply want.

Answering the questions of what you want is the key to designing your best life. Alignment is velocity. When you find that alignment, you can take that quantum leap!

Alignment is velocity. When you find that alignment, you can take that quantum leap!

Today’s Guest:

Jill Stanton is the Creator of the Millionaire Girls Club—her slice of the internet where she hosts luxury retreats for women who are making millions and want to create meaningful friendships with other badass women.

She’s also the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five, an online education and coaching company that was coined by Forbes as “a destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs” and has inspired tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs to quit their jobs, build thriving businesses, and create lives of meaning and purpose.

When she’s not CEO’ing she can be found traveling the world with her husband, Josh, and their little guy, Kai.

What’s Inside:

  • Who is Jill Stanton and what is the Millionaire Girls Club?
  • The key to designing your best life.
  • How to give yourself permission to have what you want.
  • Finding alignment in designing your best life.
  • Traveling with children.

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