Spiritual Guidance Coaching: Returning to Normal, Grace & Finding Your Purpose in Life

On this call, I give some spiritual guidance and talk with three women who are facing concerns that really relate to reintegrating life into the new post-pandemic world. When you have so deeply changed, how can you create and sustain routines that fit into who you are now? How can you manage your ever-growing to-do list and make time for your wants and needs? How can we find passion and joy by living in our purpose?

In March 2020 the world stopped, our day to day routines flipped upside down as we stayed at home for work instead. For some women, that brought out inner work and self growth. Carly used this time to build a new morning routine that really changed her life, once exhausted and overworked but now aligned and full of joy and energy she struggles with the idea of going back to “before”. My tip for her and women like her is to remember that you are not the same, so why would your work life be the same. Take that high vibration and energy into your work environment, modify your routine to be accessible during your commute and really think about what you can surround yourself with at the office to maintain the positive energy you’re seeking.

We are human BEings, not human DOings. I want to really drive this home that we do not have to fit into this box of getting your checklist done and if you don’t, you’re a failure. Amidst her success with the inner work and the positive feelings and energy she has, she is struggling to build a routine for things she wants and enjoys. Make it attainable and stop adding stuff to your plate. Do you have to do everything, every day? No. Give yourself grace when you don’t make it all happen and don’t require so much of yourself.

If there are things you truly want to be a part of your life, you will commit to them. If you need support in attaining these things, find accountability, whether that’s in a spiritual guidance coach, or trainer, or a small group in your community.

The pandemic took away a lot of opportunities to work in our passions. This absence of activity can leave some feeling like they have no purpose. Living a purposeful life is like a scavenger hunt, we’re given clues along the way and the only thing we can find is the next clue. Nikki is a member of our Magnetic and Next Level community who is struggling feeling like she is living on purpose.

Too often we think our purpose is something we have to go out to find, but it’s right there inside you, and the more we try to find it, the more separation from the source we experience. As long as you’re growing, you’re on purpose. One of my top tips for spiritual guidance is: you’re on purpose just by showing up for yourself.

I challenge you to come home to the present moment, centering yourself before each step. Life is so short so have fun in the process, loosen up! Sign up through my newsletter online through my website to be notified about our next coaching call!

Living a purposeful life is like a scavenger hunt, we’re given clues along the way and the only thing we can find is the next clue.

What’s Inside:

  • Returning to work as the new you.
  • Living in your purpose coming out of the pandemic.
  • Embracing your new normal.
  • Getting back in your spiritual and physical routines.
  • Do less with more grace.
  • Having fun along your journey.

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