Episode 155: Revelation Breathwork with Jason Amoroso | Connect with Your Inner Self

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a stay at home mom, how you hold space and show up for yourself is vital to your personal life, family, and business. It affects everything. I interviewed Jason Amoroso, founder of Revelation Breathwork, international coach, and brother to my absolute gift of a friend, Louis, and he shared both the science of breathwork and transformational breathwork meditation benefits.

Jason shares how he got started with the active breathing process called breathwork. 8 years into his coaching career, his wife, Maura, convinced him to take a breathwork course on a date night. His very first breathwork experience was life changing, he found a big release and deep heart connection. After this experience, he knew he needed to get trained and offer access to his clients for healing trauma through breathwork.

Breathwork is not an exclusive, gotta-have-it-all-together experience. If you are human, this will work for you if you’re looking to heal your anxiety through breathwork or establish a spiritual breathwork practice. Revelation Breathwork is named such because ​​it truly is a revelatory experience. It is a physical response to finding the divine connection within you. The awareness free from fear that you are able to access during Revelation Breathwork becomes a baseline for your life.

What is the physiological science of breathwork? There are two types of breath. Breathing in and out your nose, this rest and receive breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system. And then there is breathing in and out of your mouth, which activates the sympathetic nervous system and your fight or flight response. When you activate this response in breathwork it is controlled, allowing your nervous system to release the energy it’s been holding on to. However, science is not the heart of this work, it is all in your intention. The effectiveness of breathwork lies in your intention, willingness, readiness.

At the end of​​ this episode, Jason and I talk about his brother Louis. Louis and I were at USM together but actually connected at a Joe Dispenza retreat. Our souls just aligned and we created a really beautiful friendship, keeping in contact after the retreat. Louis passed away from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in February of 2021. I share an experience I had with Louis at my last Joe Dispenza retreat just three months later. Louis is such an incredible force and I was overjoyed to hear about the way Jason and his brother remained aligned through this deep connection.

Such inspiration can be found in​ this Revelation Breathwork episode because anyone has the power to show up for themselves and be the loving presence for the people in front of them. I hope that you found this helpful on your journey to deeper connection and transformation through breathwork!

The awareness free from the fear that you are able to access during Revelation Breathwork becomes a baseline for your life.

What’s Inside:

  • How Jason Amoroso got started with breathwork.
  • Who is Revelation Breathwork for?
  • What are the breathwork meditation benefits?
  • How breathwork helps heal anxiety and trauma.
  • What is the physiological science of breathwork for this active breathing process?

Today’s Guest

Jason Amoroso, J.D., M.A., is the founder of Revelation Breathwork and an international coach specializing in high performance, purpose, leadership, and self-mastery. He brings over 15 years of experience in the healing arts utilizing an authentic, joyful style that encourages people to step into their highest potential in a safe, supportive space.

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