Plant-Based Medicine & Spirituality with Erica Rysberg

Can plant-based medicine be used as a tool for spiritual evolution? This really unique and maybe taboo conversation is taking place with my friend Erica Rysberg at her home in Denver, Colorado. I am flying high from finishing up the latest Joe Dispenza conference and in true joy as I sit here with this dear friend of 11 years.

Erica and I met in California when we both were getting our masters in spiritual psychology. We connected at such a high frequency and she is such a special soul. Erica is a coach and facilitator on a high and intimate level. Before starting to record today, she was at a loss for what she could contribute to the show, but I knew just the thing.

Plant-based medicine is a topic that gets brought up often surrounding up-leveling your frequency. Erica has a background in medicinal plants like ayahuasca and the benefits they can have when experienced with intention. So what is plant medicine? It’s an umbrella term that really encompasses both natural and synthesized substances, including psychedelics.

When many people first hear, psychedelic, they automatically think of street drugs, addiction, partying. Sure, there is a context in which people use drugs for the euphoria associated with a party lifestyle. Many times in that context, the substances at hand are not being used with a lens of medicinal purposes.

It’s all about context. Erica explains the use of plant-based medicine in three modalities. First, fun and pleasure as a way to check-out and party. Second, as a modality of healing. A way to provoke, support, and clear trauma. Third, to approach the use from a clean and pure state of mind, in which you’ve done the healing in your waking life and you’re ready for spiritual evolution.

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Whichever way you approach the use of ayahuasca or psychedelic drugs, the benefits will change. With this medicine you might provoke and clear trauma with support, find a heightened sense of quantum leaping, experience spiritual awakening, or even create new neural pathways, connecting dots in news to serve creativity.

The idea is that the outcome and experience of these substances rely deeply on context, personal responsibility, and the capacity to work within yourself. If you’re considering using plant-based medicine, ask yourself, is it serving my soul? You don’t need psychedelics if you’re willing to put yourself in a container to go to that place of higher thinking, healing, and spiritual evolution.

In my meditations, breathworks, and conferences I have experienced transcension into infinite dimensions because the connection to spirit is that powerful.

If you’re considering using plant-based medicine, ask yourself, is it serving my soul?

Today’s Guest:

Erica Rysberg is a Professional Coach, Transformational Speaker and Facilitator. Erica holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is trained in Dance Movement/Therapy through the Center for Movement Education & Research in Sebastopol, California and Kinections in Rochester, New York. Her experience includes serving as a Mental Health Counselor in private practice as well as counseling for the non–profit Pathfinders For Cancer, where she provided psycho-social support to cancer patients and their loved ones in The Aspen Valley. Erica has also served as a consultant to The Aspen Clinic, where she taught the value of spiritual and emotional intelligence as they relate to health and wellness.

Erica is a Certified in Resiliency, a Divine Living Certified Coach, Licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Breathwork facilitator, and former professional pole dance instructor with Sheila Kelley S Factor and Level 2 Certified Ski Instructor having taught at both Aspen/Snowmass and Mammoth Ski Areas. As founder of The Art of Conscious Embodiment, Erica mentors conscious entrepreneurs, professionals, and an array of passionate individuals in mastering their lives and business as an extension of their authentic selves. Erica resides in Denver, Colorado with her Italian Water Dog Akka, working virtually with private clients throughout North America and Internationally.

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What’s Inside:

  • What is plant-based medicine?
  • Are plant-based medicine and psychedelic drugs the same?
  • What are the benefits of plant-based medicine?
  • The three uses of plant-based medicine?
  • Can ceremonial use of plant-based medicine create inner healing?

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