Moon Rituals & Mastery: How the Moon Mirrors Your Life | Interview with Gwen Dittmar

Gwen Dittmar is a practitioner and teacher of moon rituals and expert of addictional spirituality. She has done the work to prove the importance of being true to yourself. Now Gwen is honoring, celebrating, and sharing with the world who she is through her one on one coaching.

As a teen and young adult, Gwen rejected womanhood. At first, she rejoiced in not having to deal with the emotional and physical results of a monthly cycle. When she realized this was actually not good, and it could prevent her from becoming a mother in a way she deeply desired, she sought self-healing. Gwen tells us about how she used moon rituals to reconnect with the feminine. Now she helps women connect with moon mastery.

Gwen left the corporate world to join the community of inspiring entrepreneurial women. Money and success, no matter the modality, can be so sexy and enticing when you’re young but is it the path you’re meant to be on? As Gwen transitioned out of the corporate world, she talks about her alcohol addiction and the barrier it was creating for becoming her true self. She describes addiction as a disconnection from self and from source. Addiction is not always a substance, it can present in overworking, social media, money and many other modalities.

When you make a commitment to honor yourself and your truth, it does not always look easy and graceful. Your soul learns through experience. Gwen is so transparent about her divorce and how it was the right choice for the path to be true to herself. So often we are concerned with how others view our path and then honoring it for ourselves. If you’re experiencing this disconnect during your inner work, it can be scary to actualize but it’s important and so affirming to do what you’re feeling called to.

As an expert in human design, Gwen has such an interesting perspective on manifesting. Manifestation and actualization happen when you are the most crystal clear on your desire but you’re willing for it to never happen. The back and forth of this is the accordion of the process to that middle ground of surrender. Manifestation is less about trying to get the thing and more about getting everything out of the way.

If you’re asking yourself, how can I arrive and arise into the energy that is coursing through me? If you’re saying that traditional approaches to healing are not working for me, I urge you to seek out Gwen on Instagram or through her website to see how she is helping women through moon mastery with moon rituals and 1 on 1 coaching.

Manifestation and actualization happens when you are the most crystal clear on your desire but you're willing for it to never happen. -Guest Gwen Dittmar on Drop Into The Vortex with Heidi Stevens

What’s Inside:

  • Who is Gwen Dittmar.
  • How moon rituals can connect you to your feminine.
  • Addiction and how it affects your path in spirituality.
  • Honoring yourself more than the opinions and thoughts of outsiders.

Today’s Guest:

After years of seeking, reading, learning, healing, and coaching, Gwen realized what she was looking for was already within her. Gwen released energy that was not hers, surrendered to her wholeness, and started sharing that which she wished to see in the world – awakening to the creator within.

Since then, Gwen brings 17 years of working in research, both in academia as well as large pharmaceutical and small biotech start-ups, 12 years of coaching, trauma healing, wellness, sobriety, parenting, executive leadership, corporate elevation, entrepreneurial expansion, and soul medicine, as well as her own intuitive, clairvoyant, and clairsentient gifts to her virtual and in-person sessions.

Currently, Gwen integrates layers of consciousness and healing into her coaching, energy work, breath work, shamanic tools, as well as drawing upon her own personal healing journey into the practical and holistic facilitation. Gwen has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, is an Usui Reiki Master, a Certified Teacher of David Elliott Breathwork, is currently mentoring in shamanism, and is a mother of two children.

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