How to Control Your Emotions, Find Your Purpose & Manifest Abundance

So often in the desire to manifest abundance, we are searching for freedom. In this day 2 recording of my Manifesting Abundance retreat, we are talking about what can happen when you learn to control your emotions. Spiritual Psychology can lend a hand to understanding your emotions as energy in motion.

Spiritual Psychology is the underbelly of what is happening in your psyche. There are four important layers of your psyche:

  1. Mental Body – The surface layer involved in thinking and processing.
  2. Emotional Body – They layer in which we feel.
  3. The Conscious – Our state of awareness.
  4. The Unconscious – The light and darkness under the surface, locked into your emotions.

None of us know what is going on in our unconscious. We only know when it comes to the surface. Spirit will only give you what you can handle, so when you’re ready to handle a past trauma, that is when it will become known. The first step to control your emotions is to bring them to consciousness. Practice becoming a neutral observer of how you’re feeling, where you’re at, and what makes you feel triggered.

Want a free tool to help you practice bringing the unconscious to the surface? Click the image below to download this 10-minute guided visualization to practice embodying your future self.

During my Manifesting Abundance Retreat, together, the participants and I made a diagram of the quadrants of spiritual purpose. Goal-line items are identified as things that you want or desire in the physical world. Soul line items are identified as the emotions and feelings of your soul. As you move through these quadrants, the physical possessions and feelings, or lack thereof, range from negative to positive. Our job, our purpose in life, is to move up the soul line. So anything that happens on the goal line, whether it be positive or negative, is in service to our journey on the soul line. We want emotions flowing, so you can start moving up—so you can control your emotions.

We are emotional beings and it is important to our health and healing to tap into our emotional energy and allow ourselves to feel it. Work through your emotions, understand them, it is safe and it is healing to feel them. Healing is the application of loving to the places we hurt. As you heal, you become more whole and you become more magnetic.

Practice becoming a neutral observer of how you're feeling, where you're at, and what makes you feel triggered.

What’s Inside:

  • How to control your emotions.
  • What is spiritual psychology?
  • Exploring the goal line and soul line.

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