How to Choose Love Over Fear & Raise Your Emotional Vibrations

Every day Marla Mattenson and her partner, Julian Colker, choose love. In this interview with Marla, one-half of The Intimacy Experts, she talks about the journey of their teaching on how to raise your emotional vibration. We have to start being more self-aware of our emotions and how we are identifying with them and allow them to arise.

It starts within, It is impossible to be unkind if you’re not already being unkind to yourself. The next time you’re being unkind to your partner, your friend, co-worker, child, whoever it may be; take a look inside. What is the inner dialog going on with yourself?

We all need to take responsibility for this unconscious rage that is present, or it will come out as a representation in the collective. Guess what? We are already seeing it manifest within our nation. Most of us do not want to talk about it. It’s a lot, it feels like too much. When we ignore this inside of us, it doesn’t go away; it pushes it down to grow and be fueled by our excuses. We have to take the time to open it up and let it out in a healthy way.

Why would you want to unlock your unconscious rage? Rage and anger are powerful sources. It’s like having a garage full of dynamite and you don’t want to check inside to make sure it is secure. And so this power source is being used inappropriately. Marla and her partner teach others to clear the debris, to dive into the anger, to understand the anger, and tap into that energy of assertiveness.

If you don’t feel angry, there is a part of you that is suppressed and asleep. You do not have to stay in anger, but when anger arises stop pushing it away. You do not feel joy 24/7, stop lying to yourself. Joy is our birthright, and when we allow ourselves to truly feel our human emotions, when we can learn how to channel anger, we can get back to joy.

This conversation is a true revelation for channeling your energy and vibration within the collective community and within our own households. Marla and Julian can teach you how to raise your emotional vibration and make these changes within your relationship. Their Lovers Play Course is the sex education you’ve always wanted but never received. In this course, they help you clear the way out of resentment without ever calling it resentment.

Open your eyes, see the bliss, see the abundance, see the joy. There is magic in channeling your emotions and embracing intimacy.

If you don’t feel angry, there is a part of you that is suppressed and asleep.

Today’s Guest:

Marla Mattenson is an internationally recognized expert working with thought leaders and their partners in love and business. Using her background in neuroscience and mathematics, Marla guides couples and individuals to uncover the hidden patterns in relationships and business to unlock passion, financial success, and unlimited joy.

Over the course of her 20+ year career, Marla has helped thousands including Academy Award-winning actors, producers and directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award-winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. Marla’s advice has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Oprah, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Entrepreneur to name a few. She lives what she teaches with Julian Colker, her love, life, and business partner.

The Intimacy Experts | Chief Advisors for Visionary Leaders
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Marla Mattenson
Marla & Julian

What’s Inside:

  • How to raise your emotional vibration.
  • How to unlock your unconscious rage.
  • Channeling your anger to create more joy.
  • Experiencing your emotions create more intimacy.

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