How to Show Up For Yourself to Find More Happiness in Life

I love the phrase, “Show up for yourself.” My heart is so heavy and just grateful to just hold space with women and say I see you, I hear you, and you’re doing an awesome job. When I started to truly deeply love myself, my life and my body began to physically change. So I start this Q&A with an exercise to fill your tank. Breathe in and out with me as you reset, take back your energy, and show up for yourself.

I am talking with four women today about deep decisions we as women feel the need to make. We discuss relationships, emotions, love, and self-care. These women bravely share their fears and concerns. Together, we work through how you can take better care of yourself, get aligned and show up for yourself.

So often we feel the need to make a decision because we just want whatever it is to be over. Amanda is facing the question of ending her relationship. We rush and we don’t give these big choices in our lives the time they deserve to be considered, mulled over and thoroughly thought through. I urge her and others in this intensity to honor your feelings but hold space in that gray of indecision. Sometimes time is what is needed to stand up and show up for yourself. When you listen to yourself, that is the win.

Emotions are real, powerful parts of our lives as humans. Allison is experiencing big emotions in her life and she is questioning how she can express them around her children. What an amazing, beautiful gift and learning opportunity this can be for her family. This is an opportunity to learn to name and express emotions. It’s so important for kids to know they are not the fault of big emotions, so this is how you can create that safe space within your home for the feelings of everyone.

It is okay to be happy in your relationship and still want more. Courtney is struggling to get evidence of deeper feelings from her partner. It’s important to note that in traditional roles, men are the thinkers and women are the feelers. It is so hard for men to deviate from their one-track minds. Let go of expectations, but be clear of what you need. Dedicate time to creating the love connections that you desire. Yes, you need buy-in from your partner, but this might be where you take the reins.

It does not serve you to view life in black and white. The “once I get here…” will never happen. Jessica is feeling so-called to help others, but she feels like she is struggling with this along her own healing journey. What a beautiful time to be in the gray. Jessica is exhibiting this amazing self-awareness. All things, all feelings, can be true at the exact same time. Your daily questions need to be at the heart: What do I need today? What can I do to serve today?

When you drop into the vortex and come into a higher frequency, you can tap in and show up for yourself with more ease.

Sometimes time is what is needed to stand up and show up for yourself. When you listen to yourself, that is the win.

What’s Inside:

  • Taking care of yourself.
  • How to get aligned and show up for yourself.
  • Listening to your own voice.

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