How to Connect To Your Body and Unlock Your Life with Kara Campbell

Now more than ever is the time to step into radical self-trust to connect to your body and unlock your life. Kara Campbell is an embodiment and relationship coach, as well as a great friend of mine. Kara helps women strengthen the tether within themselves and the greater.

Kara retethered herself after a trip to England that was supposed to be an adventure but instead caused her to be in a silence that forced her to deal with inner issues. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to connect to your body and unlock your life. You don’t have to have terrible manifestations in the body, but they are always an opportunity to make change. If we do not give ourselves the space to deal with things, they will come out sideways. We have the opportunity to take preventive measures to deal and process trauma, but it’s so normalized to just keep living and internalizing it.

Recently the world was given an opportunity to rest, deal with our traumas, and wake up. As much as we have been woken up, here is this opportunity to let light in, but instead there is this collective state of fear. Kara divides our energy into operating in one of two things: survival or creation. Most of the world lives in survival, and when they’re in this mode, they don’t even realize it. They are just surviving; they are asleep.

The work is in self-trust, noticing when things are out of alignment. There are two definitive sides of the spectrum in today’s current events. We are all in our own stories; we’ve all been shaped by different perspectives. As an advocate of body sovereignty, in this time, it is so hard to decipher what truth is. We live in our cognitive mind all the time; we are very disconnected to our bodies.

Those of you who have done the work to come home to connect to your body and unlock your life, it’s like we’re speaking different languages. The action you choose to do doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re doing it from a consciousness of choice and not from fear. Sort through what is in alignment with you.

I really want to magnify the idea, not to stick your head in stand with what’s going on in the world around you. Dig your feet in and get grounded into Mother Earth and connection to the source. Look into the dark, even when it’s not affecting you. You can see the light because of the darkness. Stay awake and speak your truth so you can feel connected to your body. It is okay to protect your peace, but we are a part of a collective whole, and your part matters.

Innerwork is not selfish. It is 100% for you and the collective whole. Kara is hosting Reclaim, an 8-Week Program to reclaim the relationship with your body, people, a sense of autonomy, and a sense of self. In this program, you’re re-anchoring self-trust. So many of us have lived with too much outside chatter and not enough healthy inner voice. The relationship you have with yourself is the longest and most important relationship you will ever have. Your voice matters, speak your truth. It is time connect to your body and unlock your life!

Most of the world lives in survival, and when they're in this mode they don't even realize it. They are just surviving; they are asleep.

Today’s Guest:

Kara lived disconnected from her body and in a broken relationship with herself. She was stuck believing that she was “not-enough” and that combined with the inability to truly feel what she needed to feel kept her in a spiral of self-doubt, confusion, and eating disorders.

Somewhere along the way, with the influence of bad religion and oppressive diet culture, she stopped trusting her deep intuition, and her body finally spoke up. Now, she empowers people into radical self-trust and self-love.

Through her podcast, courses, coaching, and group programs, she’s created a community of women who are learning to love themselves exactly as they are, and reclaim the self-trust that was lost along the way.

What’s Inside:

  • Speaking your truth in the consciousness of choice
  • How to connect to your body
  • Body sovereignty and what that means
  • How to connect to your body and unlock your life
  • Reclaim your life with self-trust

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