Having the Courage to Be Disliked & Be Your Authentic Self with Angie Lee

In a world where we see more of each other than ever, do you have the courage to be disliked? Angie Lee joined me today on the show to talk all about the shift in seasons for her and her businesses, and how it just might help you too! Angie is a hilarious soul, we go deep but keep it light as we discuss what it means to be weird in your business, life, and even in marketing.

We are in a very strange place as a collective, the pendulum has swung very far to one side, a side where everyone wants to share their negative opinion about something. People don’t have the ability to say what they want to say without fear of judgment. Alternatively, Angie thinks that’s great because you can actually say whatever you want and know ahead of time someone isn’t going to like it. She says that’s okay, it’s important even. When you have the courage to be disliked you open up yourself to your voice and authenticity, something that not everyone will get, but the ones who do? That’s your ideal audience.

Angie is embracing her comedic energy and letting that flow through all her channels. She talks about this as duality and range. We touch a little on cancel culture, and how that can sometimes come from a shock when an audience sees someone different for the very first time. When you present yourself as linear, with no “range” in personality, you box yourself in. It comes down to being fake versus being genuine, and realizing it’s okay to be misunderstood. Angie said she’d rather be herself, than fake it. That’s what it means to have the courage to be disliked. When she decided to do that, her business grew.

You can be funny and weird, and still, be successful. Or you can be weird AND smart. It doesn’t all have to be so polished. Marketing actually took a big shift and has moved away from polished and serious, to informal and authentic. People are attracted to imperfection and weirdness. So what is weird? Angie said it’s not about being funny, it’s about being different. Weird is what sets you apart from the crowd. Everyone’s weirdness is different.

So how do you find your voice, and your ‘weird’ when you’re afraid of what others might think? The secret is you are yourself. If you’re afraid to be yourself, you need to do some inner work and fix that, because everyone likes you but you. And even if they don’t, there is empowerment in having the courage to be disliked.

If you’re putting yourself out there, being yourself, and sharing pieces of yourself in the name of your business or personal marketing, the most important thing is to be real. You do not have to share it all. You have the right to hold things back. You have the right to not share all of your beliefs.

Are you being sincere? Are you being genuine? Share what is real that you feel comfortable with and the rest, it’s the internet and you have space to separate your beliefs from your platform. Let the beauty blogger be the beauty blogger. There is no need to police people’s morals and beliefs. We don’t know what goes on in people’s homes and lives behind the camera, and that’s okay.

Angie Lee is such a great guest, she is seriously so fun! Be sure to check out her podcast, she has a really great episode out now about her sleep hacks! She also gives us some great information about her company, Soul CBD. My husband and I love sleeping gummies. Just remember, there is so much progress and goodness to be had in your life when you can discover and project your authentic self. All of us are waiting, secretly, and unconsciously hoping to break out of the box and just say okay I’ll be weird, I’ll be a leader, I’ll be joyous. When we say yes to that, our spiritual life and journey will change.

You can be funny and weird, and still be successful.

Today’s Guest:

Angie Lee is a vivacious marketing maven who’s found her soul’s calling in helping women kick ass. Angie is a highly sought-after marketing mentor, motivational speaker, professional podcaster, serial entrepreneur & author of Ready Is A Lie. She is the Co-Founder of Soul CBD, Creator of the #1 female personal development & business event in the United States: Pays To Be Brave & Host of the Forbes Top 100 Business Podcast: The Angie Lee Show. Angie’s genius is teaching women how to make friends with fear & make money doing what they love in a motivational, fun & approachable way.

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What’s Inside:

  • Is it okay to be disliked?
  • Having the courage to be disliked.
  • How can authenticity grow your business?
  • What does it mean to be ‘weird’?
  • How to stand out in social media marketing?
  • Is it okay to hold space for your own beliefs separate from your platform?

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