The First-Ever Retreat at The Ranch Is Open for Enrollment. Limited Availability – Listen Up!

We are finally settling in at The Ranch, it feels so good to be home. With the year coming to a close, I am so excited to announce the first-ever Retreat at The Ranch for February of 2022. Ever since we chose this home, I knew this would be an excellent space to bring women for major soul transformations. I am full body ready for you all to join me in my home, a space that exudes pure clean white light.

We know that the masculine provides the foundation for the feminine to be in her glory, so I want to lay down the logistics so anyone who has it in their heart to be a part of this retreat knows what to expect.

First and foremost, the energy of this property is immaculate. It was previously built and owned by a devout religious figure here in San Diego and when we first came to the home, these detailed ornate concrete carvings of biblical images caught my eye. So beautiful and really powerful. I mention this because I am so spiritually connected but do not particularly identify with any one religion and for many women, the topic of religion in a specific format can be uncomfortable. I want it to be known that on this property, from the moment I arrived I have felt clean, pure, light pour into me. It has only been stronger the longer I’ve been here. I truly feel this is a magical portal and an incredible place for not only myself but to host many women.

If you’re ready to say YES to 3 days of self-care for your soul, click below to reserve your spot today. This will be an intimate group and spaces are already filling up!

The Retreat at The Ranch will begin on the last weekend of February at 4 pm. It will be a 3-day soul-transforming event. All activities will be on The Ranch and all meals will be included in the experience. Clean, nourishing food will be catered to join in soul self-care. Overnight accommodations are not included but my amazing retreat director negotiated a rate and secured a block for that weekend at a charming hotel only 7 minutes from The Ranch, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Rancho Santa Fe is the wealthiest zip code in the United States, 10 minutes from the beach but set in the hills, when you enter this area, you can immediately feel the expansiveness. This is where the transformation happens!

This retreat is for women who are doing the work. If you’re listening to this podcast, you are most likely ready. Do not let uncomfortability hold you back. If you are thinking, well I don’t look like women who go to these things…I’ve never been to a retreat…I don’t have as much money as other women who attend these retreats. STOP. This is self-care for your soul, and you will see when you get here that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what your bank account looks like, or what you’ve done in the past. If you are ready, then this retreat is for you.

You can expect three days of transformational experiences, breakthrough opportunities, breathwork, and many different guides to assist in the unleashing and unlocking of your feminine. If you are pure in your intentions, you can expect direct results to manifest in your outer world. When we learn to lead in our feminine, we are unstoppable.

Limited spots are available now, and I am offering $500 off through the end of December. You will see prices go up in January and this retreat will definitely sell out. All you need is a deposit to lock in your price. I hope that you are able to receive this invitation and intention with the depth I am putting it out with. This is so sacred to me, and I cannot wait to see you at the first-ever Retreat at The Ranch.

I’ve never been to a retreat…I don’t have as much money as other women who attend these retreats. STOP. This is self-care for your soul.

What’s Inside:

  • When is the Retreat at The Ranch?
  • What can you expect from this retreat?
  • Who is this retreat for?
  • Why is this retreat so special?
  • Where can I find out more information about the Retreat at The Ranch?

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The first-ever Retreat at The Ranch – $500 OFF THROUGH DECEMBER
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