Episode 153: How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed with Allie Casazza

You are not a bad mom, you just have too much stuff and Allie Casazza is here to teach you how to start decluttering when overwhelmed!

I interviewed Allie Casazza to talk about her new book, Declutter Like a Mother, and her philosophy in decluttering your space for lighter and brighter motherhood. Living life as a “Hot Mess Mom” is not something we have to just accept. Allie was inspired after living and raising her kids in the joy-sucking energy of being a hot mess mom. She shares how she got her life back while still being a mom and how she is helping other moms get rid of physical, emotional, and mind clutter.

So often moms get sucked into giving, giving, giving in a season of servitude. It is easy to get overwhelmed and to feel depressed when it feels everything is so big and out of control. That’s why Allie says control your space, or it will control you. It can be overwhelming to take on all that’s overwhelming you. If you align your space, then you can work on aligning your life. Allie takes a logical approach; starting small and easy is the key to simplify everything and getting it done.

Being a life minimalist, like Allie, does not mean being a perfectionist or even becoming a minimalist in your possessions. It just means to be purposeful in everything you bring into your home using decluttering strategies. You are never done, it can and should be a constant edit, your relationship with your space is ongoing. She tells you where to start and even how to get the whole family involved. The way you do things in your home becomes a part of your family culture, and your relationship with material items can certainly become a part of that culture in your uncluttered home.

Clutter is an unmade decision, every single thing in your home takes up minutes of your life and that is what gets in the way. If any of this resonates with you, if you’re a mom that just has too much going on and too much stuff, if you want to break away from the faux comradery of the hot mess moms, this episode is for you, and you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on Allie’s book.

This conversation with Allie was such a joy, and I hope you are leaving with some tangible tips to get started editing and clearing clutter from your life now!

So often moms get sucked into giving, giving, giving in a season of servitude. It is easy to get overwhelmed and to feel depressed when it feels everything is so big and out of control.

What’s Inside:

  • Tips to transform your home and life.

  • Decluttering strategies for physical, emotional, and mind clutter.

  • Eradicate the “Hot Mess Mom” stereotype by helping busy moms simplify.

  • How to live more simply and freer.

  • Creating a more productive and efficient lifestyle.

  • Empowering your whole family.

Today’s Guest:

Allie Casazza is a mom, wife, and creator of a multimillion-dollar company and online business. She is on a mission to eradicate the “Hot Mess Mom” stereotype by empowering other women. She has built a massive audience and a multimillion-dollar online business based on her proven, family-oriented approach to minimalism. She is the host of The Purpose Show, a chart topping podcast, and author of her brand-new book, Declutter Like a Mother. Allie helps moms get in control of their environment because we are not here to clean up after a life we should be living. Her platforms continue to grow every day as more women discover her life-changing approach to creating an abundant life. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Brian, where they homeschool their four young children.

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