Episode 149: Shifting to an Abundance Mindset

In this episode we are talking about a high stress subject for many people, money. I tell you how your vibrations are connected to your money and what it takes to get what you desire. We’re tuning into our wealth consciousness and our money mindset by shifting our thinking to serve us.

Money is complicated and messy. We can easily feel that edge at every different level of our life. Even when our basic needs are met we ask how we can pay this bill, or invest in this, or afford this desire. A lot of this is caused by deeper wounds surrounding our relationship with money and this requires deeper healing. Even when we have a high desire for more success in the form of money, it’s important not to judge, make assumptions about, or compare yourself to those who appear to have more resources than you, it’s foolish and not supportive to yourself or them.

You can raise your vibrations and shift your money mindset, but there are three reasons why you might not be receiving.

  1. You don’t think you deserve it.
  2. You think that something bad will happen if you get it.
  3. You don’t really want it.

So if you have been saying daily affirmations but aren’t seeing results, take a deep look and ask yourself, do you believe you can receive what you’re asking for?

To truly raise your vibrations to call in more resources in the form of money, listen to the steps that I dive into for you. Make the commitment, give it time, realize it will be difficult, and put yourself on a “language diet” when it comes to money and how you talk about it. Create auto-suggestions for your nightly ritual that embody what you want in a way that is believable for you.

This is the time to be intentional. Make paying bills sacred and ritualistic. When you get to know your finances and have those important conversations, you are taking away your denial of what you deserve. Every time you are spending money, treat it as an act of gratitude. Money is energy, so act like you have it.

I hope you got something out of this episode, I know I sure did! What affirmations or auto-suggestions did this inspire for you? Let me know!

So if you have been saying daily affirmations but aren't seeing results, take a deep look and ask yourself, do you believe you can receive what you're asking for?

What’s Inside:

  • How is your consciousness and your money connected?
  • How can you make habits that will shift your wealth consciousness and money mindset?
  • The three reasons you might not be getting what you’re calling in.
  • Steps to raise your vibration to financial wellbeing.
  • Manifesting your dreams.

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