Episode 146: Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Manifesting

So many women have the same pattern and the same hangups. Most of the time, it’s totally unconscious, so being aware of these mistakes is really powerful.

  • Mistake Number 1 – Unconscious focus on the lack.
    This is having your attention on what you don’t have instead of what you do. When we’re focused on the lack, either consciously or unconsciously, we’re telling the universe what we don’t have. The law of attraction states that we become magnets to what we are thinking. That’s the energy you’re sending out into the vortex. You have to train your brain to look at what you do have and shift back into alignment with your natural state of abundance and gratitude.
  • Mistake Number 2 – Spiritual bypassing.
    When you use spiritual tools to bypass what’s really going on, it feels like you’re carrying extra weight around. We have to peel back the layers of wounds, triggers, and hardships to be able to heal. God never gives us more than we can handle. When something comes up, it’s because we’re ready to address it. Avoid positive toxicity so that you can come into alignment with even greater integrity.
  • Mistake Number 3 – Focusing on what you’re doing rather than how you’re being.
    We are the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, and perceptions. If things don’t shift quickly enough, we think it isn’t working. Ask yourself how am I being? How am I showing up today? If you focus on how you’re being, it’s only a matter of time before those things that you desire manifest and are turned into physical world reality where you get to enjoy them.
  • Mistake Number 4 – Getting caught in the how.
    This may be the biggest mistake. It’s where all the limiting beliefs get trapped. You need to be willing to power through and hold your visions and be relentless. Get into your vision and give yourself permission to go after it.
  • Mistake Number 5 – Not surrendering.
    When things don’t happen quickly enough, we tend to go at it harder. We want to hustle more or force and manipulate things to make it happen. This is a mistake. Surrender. Just wait. There is a greater force or power behind you and you need to learn how to tap into that. Surrender is a manifesting superpower and I did a whole episode about this, so check that out if you want to know more about the power of surrender.

Let me know what you thought of this episode. Which mistake do you think you’re making? If you got something out of this episode, feel free to tag me on social media.

When things don’t happen quickly enough, we tend to go at it harder. We want to hustle more or force and manipulate things to make it happen. This is a mistake.

What’s Inside:

  • The 5 mistakes to avoid when manifesting.
  • How to identify them.
  • How to break out of them.

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Episode 145: Surrender Is a Manifesting Superpower


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