Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Retreats: A Transformative Experience You Won’t Regret

My purpose on planet Earth is to be an awakener, to spread light and connection. I just got back from an advanced follow-up retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Denver and I absolutely love Joe Dispenza retreats. I am flying high from this transformative experience. This is my second follow-up since the 7-day retreat last November on Marco Island. Joe Dispenza Retreats for me have become something I have committed deeply to as my soul work. Walking through Joe Dispenza’s meditations can bring up some resistance, but I find myself in pure bliss when I push through. This experience is an Incredible tune-up and I come back a better mom, wife, coach, and human.

This retreat he called Electric Body. Dr. Joe approached the meditations with curiosity, the technology of energy, and pureness. I truly feel he is a guide and connector to doing the work to become deeper in the source. He uses science as a model for transformation and encourages this connection to energy, but you have to be open to being a portal and conduit of light. His retreats and this experience are never about him, as I hope to never make it about me when I am discussing it, it is about the work. It is about allowing spirit to work through you. I had some TRULY sacred experiences that I hold so close to my heart.

If you’re interested in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, my advice is to get started with his morning and evening meditations, available on his website. These, I think, are the most basic starting points for someone not familiar with his work. My next step would be to dig into the books, he has several and you can get the text or listen via audio. I want to make it clear that this information is coming from a pure heart, I get nothing from sharing this. We are in this together, so what impacts me, what has a profound effect on my life, is going to come into my work and I want to pull into that.

If you’re excited about experiencing your own Dr. Joe Dispenza advanced retreat one day and want to practice sitting in meditation, download this FREE 10-minute guided visualization, Embody Your Future Self, to get started.

During this retreat, I spent one morning around 7 am doing a very cold walking meditation. Somehow during this meditation, spirit spoke to me, moved me, to fall into the ground. To just melt into the Earth. Through this meditation, I was swept with overwhelming feelings of gratitude and joy. I have tears speaking about it because it was just so profound. Once you have an experience like that, it lives in you. That experience lives in me.

So are you ready for a Joe Dispenza event? If you’re asking that question, the answer is yes. You are ready. You may be scared. You may experience apprehension or hesitation, but you are ready. Getting into a Joe Dispenza retreat can be difficult, they are sought-after events. If you are serious, you need to get on his waitlist and decide now, so that you can prepare to purchase tickets as soon as they are available.

My love, we are in just such an interesting time on planet Earth. The dark matrix is growing but so is the light. I want to transform with you and help you connect deeper and spread that light.

Dr. Joe Dispenza uses science as a model for transformation, and encourages this connection to energy, but you have to be open to be a portal and conduit of light.

What’s Inside:

  • Who is Joe Dispenza?
  • How can Joe Dispenza’s Retreats help you come closer to the source?
  • A look at my sacred experience at Joe Dispenza’s Retreat.
  • My tips to get started with Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations.
  • Are you ready for Joe Dispenza retreats?
  • How do you get into Joe Dispenza retreats?

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