Conscious vs. Ego Manifesting | Introducing the Manifesting Abundance Online Retreat

Manifesting is a sexy word. Many people hear the word and think, “Oh, I can meditate and become a master of my thoughts to the point to reach my desires without doing any work.” It’s partly true, yes, you have the power to control your universe, feelings, thoughts, and actions and draw to you that which will bring you true joy. However, when we are desiring from our ego-mind versus our conscious mind, they will likely not come into reality or will take a much, much longer time to manifest.

I am here to support women to evaluate frequency and vibration, and the byproduct of doing that work is that you physically manifest with more ease. But it takes the inner work. When we do the inner work, and you plant the seeds, then you can be on the plane to bring your desires to your human reality.

The ego is the part of the brain that wants to keep us safe. It is the part of yourself that acts from the first chakra that works to meet our basic needs. The ego does not need to be eradicated. It serves a purpose. It also has a very “I” based focus and we need that for survival. The ego only plays off what it knows, based on all of your previous patterns. Unless you have a higher level of awareness, when left to our own devices, we will continue to play out the same patterns over and over.

The definition of consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. The knowledge of this is not something you can see with a human’s eye, and to see, you need to have trust in something greater than yourself.

If you’re listening to this podcast, you are on a path of “I desire more”. You are ready to experience a deeper connection to yourself on many levels. But that requires the decision to elevate your frequency and to choose manifest with a conscious perspective. If you’re ready to live your life with more confidence, clarity, and in alignment with your purpose, then click the image below and sign-up to the Manifesting Abundance Online Retreat … it starts Monday, September 27th!

Manifesting is this beautiful dance of the upper world and the human world coming together. This is the human experience and how we grow to elevate our frequency. This is about aligning with a higher vibration. You may say that you’re doing the work, doing the “things”, but it is more than that. There are tools and support to help reach a higher vibration, but it matters more on who you are and how you are. You cannot fool the universe, if you do the inner work, your vibration will align with the higher plane.

It is okay to want and long for desires. We are in human form. But we are also meant to wait for what the stars will bring. It is there. When you turn down the world and you go inward, you feel it. If you want more of this deeper inner experience, you are the tribe I desire.

We are getting ready to begin another retreat. If your desires are high and you are ready to bring your vibration to match, this is such an aligning experience. If you’ve done one with me before, I will be teaching on all new topics. This is an incredible retreat that will take place live over five days. I cannot wait to be with you for this, so please seek out the information at

The ego is the part of the brain that wants to keep us safe. It is the part of yourself that acts from the first chakra that works to meet our basic needs.

What’s Inside:

  • What is manifesting?
  • Ego-mind versus conscious mind.
  • Knowing it’s okay to desire more.
  • Heidi’s new Manifesting Abundance Online Retreat.

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