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What a transformative conversation! Today I talked with a dear friend, Ashley Turner. We have connected on high vibes for a few years and together we just rift on some amazing mindsets and practical advice for you to rejuvenate your life and choose joy. Ashley is a well-known and widely acclaimed yoga and meditation expert for over 20 years, as well as a licensed psychotherapist. She brings together the two worlds of neuroscience and mindfulness to achieve true feminine energy.

Can you both rest and still claim all you desire? True, feminine, and taking care of self at the deepest level is not void of manifestations of abundance. There is this beautiful divine dance of launching from a state of rest. It is not one or the other. This is the universal law of nature. The sun and the moon. The feminine and the masculine.

In our western culture, we are tied to this constant striving modality. A real feminine mindset embodies rest. When you look at the wheel of the seasons there is summer, full of growth and energy, but there is also winter, a time of dormancy and recollection. Not a lot of outside sources will give you permission to slow down and rest, it needs to come from within. Your productivity does not equal your value. It is the power of your self-discipline to choose joy.

Ready to choose joy and actually live into it? Download this 10-minute guided meditation to Embody Your Future Self in that joyful state of life:

But how do you start building self-discipline? Start by stopping. Whatever grounding practice you choose, begin your day with some sort of emptiness. Then continue to insert a moment of pause whenever you can each day. When you get in your car before you pick up your phone. It will become a habit and you will naturally create moments of space that will reset your nervous system and pull that lever back. When you’re in that moment, be proactive with a joyful and grateful thought.

Choose joy and happiness in your life now. Not the future. Not what I will have. But now, today, with everything you already have. Do you ask yourself, who am I to have so much joy during a time of so much chaos? STOP. You are craving that sense of belonging and a need to suffer from the collective. You don’t have to do that. Life can be good. You can choose joy.

Ashley brings such a great perspective to the vortex. You can find her on Instagram or her website where she offers her 300-hour teacher training course. If this episode moved you a little closer to choosing joy, if you found it at all helpful, please tell me about it. Tag me and Ashley on Instagram so we can see that shift to joy!

When you look at the wheel of the seasons there is summer, full of growth and energy, but there is also winter, a time of dormancy and recollection.

Today’s Guest:

Ashley Turner is a yoga–meditation expert, Licensed Psychotherapist, writer, facilitator, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul.™, an innovative Yoga Psychology training for teachers, clinicians, and dedicated students fusing yoga, mindfulness, depth psychology, shadow work, and neuroscience. YPS has fast become the go-to resource for evidence-based Yoga and Meditation for Mental Health. Ashley is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and presenter at conferences and events worldwide. Her mission is to integrate yoga and meditation into the mainstream medical and educational systems sought-after-skilled professionals and help them build fulfilling, highly profitable businesses. Through cutting-edge online courses and live training, Ashley has built Yoga.Psyche.Soul.™ into a world-class, scientifically grounded, and soulful Yoga Therapy training.

Yoga Psychology Online 300hr 2021
Trauma Informed Yoga Training – Yoga Psychology
Foundations of Yoga for Mental Health – Yoga Psychology
Ashley Turner | Yoga + Therapy (@ashleyturner1) on Instagram
Yoga Psychology (@yogapsychology) on Instagram

What’s Inside:

  • What it means to be feminine and choose joy.
  • What it means and looks like to actually rest.
  • What it looks like to manifest and co-create from a state of rest.
  • How to choose joy amidst the collective chaos.
  • How to create moments of space to reset your nervous system.

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