Energetic Forecast of 2022: Ascension

Welcome to 2022. Heidi Stevens’ is ready to share her vision for this year’s energetics. Tuned into the highest energy, she is seeing a year of ascension. In this episode, she explains the themes coming into action for 2022. Prepare for change, as Heidi brings into awareness a time of cleaning up and deep integration of self.

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The First-Ever Retreat at The Ranch Is Open for Enrollment. Limited Availability – Listen Up!

Are you ready for a transformational experience of soul self-care? Heidi Stevens’ first ever Retreat at The Ranch is open for enrollment now. Join her and a group of other like-minded women on her magical property in Rancho Santa Fe in a 3-day experience that will nourish your mind, body, heart, and soul. Leave this retreat transformed and open to receive direct manifestation of your deepest joys and desires in your outer world. Heidi shares all the details and how you can secure your spot today!

the courage to be disliked

Having the Courage to Be Disliked & Be Your Authentic Self with Angie Lee

We all desperately want to be liked. But what happens when we ditch the script and decide we have the courage to be disliked? Heidi Stevens’ interviews, Angie Lee, marketing maven and wearer of many other hats, to discuss the power of authenticity on social media and marketing. Angie is a big proponent of embracing your ‘weird’, they discuss what that means and how standing out can change your business, your spiritual journey, and your life.

joe dispenza retreats

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Retreats: A Transformative Experience You Won’t Regret

Are you ready to hear about the sacred and transformative experience that is a Joe Dispenza Retreat? Heidi Stevens’ just attended an event in Denver, and the energy is high. She is committed to spreading light and helping the collective transform into joy. Heidi shares her embodiment of source and spirit during the retreat and what others can expect from Dr. Joe Dispenza retreats and meditations.

plant-based medicine

Plant-Based Medicine & Spirituality with Erica Rysberg

Do you need plant-based medicine to experience spiritual evolution? My special friend of 11 years, Erica Rysberg, talks with me today about a really unique but important topic, the ceremonial use of plant-based medicine and psychedelic drugs. We talk about all the questions someone who is considering using plant medicine might have, all the benefits they can hold, and most importantly, what context these incredibly sacred substances need to be used in.

choose joy

Choose Joy: The Power of Staying Happy, Energized, and Relaxed in Life with

Can you rest and still manifest abundance? The answer is yes! Ashley Turner, yoga-meditation expert, and Licensed Psychotherapist joins Heidi Stevens to rift in a beautiful conversation about embodying the feminine. You can choose joy and self-care amidst the chaos of the world. We tell you how to create pockets of space in your life to reset your nervous system and improve self-discipline.

168 DIV PodcastSquareImage

Susie Moore: How to Stop Stressing and Start Living

Do you feel like you’re on a never-ending journey on how to feel good in life? In this interview Heidi Stevens’ talks with Susie Moore, author of Let It Be Easy. Susie speaks from an unconventional background on the struggles and hardness of life. The truth is, no matter where you’re at in life, ease is available and you can create the life you want to live. This interview is full of tangible tidbits of advice and relatability to any human out there fighting imaginary stress.

choose love

How to Choose Love Over Fear & Raise Your Emotional Vibrations

If you really want to experience joy, you have to look at your anger the right way. Heidi Stevens’ interview with Marla Mattenson of The Intimacy Experts, gets really juicy. They’re talking about raising your emotional vibration by tapping into your unconscious rage. Stop burying your anger and use it as the power source it is to unlock joy, love, and intimacy in your relationship and community.

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