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Conscious vs. Ego Manifesting | Introducing the Manifesting Abundance Online Retreat

Can you manifest your deepest desire into physical reality? Heidi Stevens shares how to utilize your conscious mind over your ego-mind to raise your vibration, align with the universe, and achieve physical results from the spiritual world in your human plane. She is preparing her tribe of deep desires who want more inside and outside to join her on her new online retreat to manifest abundance.

connect to your body and unlock your life

How to Connect To Your Body and Unlock Your Life with Kara Campbell

Connect to your body and unlock your life, dig into your connection with Source. Heidi Stevens’ interview with Kara Campbell, embodiment and relationship coach, pours into the importance of self-trust in women. Awake and questioning the choices in today’s world, it is time to speak your truth and step forward to reclaim your life. The two discuss body sovereignty in a world of mandates and how to use physical manifestation of trauma as an opportunity to heal.

Designing Your Best Life

Start Designing Your Best Life – Interview Jill Stanton

If you’re ready to take action in designing your best life, Heidi Stevens’ interview with, CEO of Millionaire Girls Club, Jill Stanton is ready to inspire. Jill shares about her journey as a successful digital entrepreneur and lifetime traveler. If you’re asking yourself what do I deeply desire, this episode cues into giving yourself permission to want what you want and not settle till you get it!

business coaching

All Things Business Coaching: Fearless Marketing, Social Media Overwhelm & More

On a business coaching call, Heidi talks with several women in her community with a theme that revolves around business and social media overwhelm. We are hearing real women’s thoughts and fears as Heidi shares tangible tips to help them, and get them moving forward. Heidi is a believer in only doing what you can and utilizing all the tools around you to make it possible, so she hopes that the coaching in this episode can be helpful for you too!

moon rituals

Moon Rituals & Mastery: How the Moon Mirrors Your Life | Interview with Gwen Dittmar

Heidi Stevens interviews Gwen Dittmar, an expert in moon ritua, human design, and additional spirituality. She is an example of how our soul learns through experience. Gwen is honoring, celebrating, and sharing with the world who she is through her coaching. On the podcast, Heidi and Gwen discuss connecting to feminine with moon rituals, addiction as a barrier to your spirituality and path, and how we can push past our concerns with the thoughts of others and being true to yourself

revelation breathwork

Episode 155: Revelation Breathwork with Jason Amoroso | Connect with Your Inner Self

The divine is within you, Revelation Breathwork provides an inner connection and experience that is indescribable with words. This interview with Jason Amoroso gets into the details of how Jason discovered breathwork and the way it changed his life and can change yours. We are way more than our body. Revelation Breathwork creates a baseline awareness that becomes a permanent part of who you are.

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Episode 154: Business and Sales Coaching: People Pleasing, Launching Your Business & More

The theme in today’s podcast revolves around trusting yourself in business so that you can convert leads into customers while you stay in alignment in life. I give some tangible tips on how to stop being a people pleaser, how to get out of your own way when you launch your business, and how to stay in alignment in your business to sell without feeling salesy.

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Episode 153: How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed with Allie Casazza

I interviewed Allie Casazza to talk about her new book, Declutter Like a Mother, and her philosophy in decluttering your space for lighter and brighter motherhood. Living life as a “Hot Mess Mom” is not something we have to just accept. Allie was inspired after living and raising her kids in the joy-sucking energy of being a hot mess mom. She shares how she got her life back while still being a mom and how she is helping other moms get rid of physical, emotional, and mind clutter.

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