All Things Business Coaching: Fearless Marketing, Social Media Overwhelm & More

You are getting a glimpse of a business coaching call where I talk with a few women and their shares on what holds them back in their business. The theme today revolves around social media overwhelm and how that creates a barrier for you in your business. I give some tangible tips on how to work through that by only doing what you can.

It’s one thing to consume content, but it is another to create and serve content. Social media can be overwhelming. A woman shares her apprehension in being a content creator for her business and its social media. My advice is to limit your consumption and make a clear space for your creation of content and time to post. It is easy to get distracted by your feeds or the possible response to your content. You have to be strategic in the way you utilize your social media; it does not have to and should not rule your life.

A woman shares on the call the vulnerable state she is in to begin her journey as an author and the steps she’s taken to get this started. This was a brave share! When a colleague followed the Instagram she set up for her future book, things got real. It takes bravery to put yourself out there and take the steps to move toward your desires. You have to let go and be brave to move forward in your business.

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Another woman shares her success of following my business coaching; she is utilizing the power of saying no. Too often we are pushing, pushing, pushing forward — always looking for the next thing that we need to do. We can get caught up in wanting to please our outward audience rather than truly filling our desires. Do not be afraid to sit in your energy and only serve others at your best, and only say yes to only what you truly align with.

Fear is a liar. A woman shares the scary thoughts that are holding her back in starting her business despite the truth. It is important to not hold too much attachment to your products and ideas when starting a business because that attachment can prevent you from taking the leap. It scares you more than it motivates you. Do not let the imaginative barriers keep you from chasing your desires.

I hope that hearing from other women in our community has been helpful and relatable. The tips I share are practical and can be applied in many phases of your life and business. Are you using these tips or do you want to be on our next chat? I want to hear from you!

Do not be afraid to sit in your energy and only serve others at your best, and only say yes to only what you truly align with.

What’s Inside:

  • The bravery in stepping forward in your desires.
  • Getting overwhelmed with Social Media.
  • Saying no so you can say yes to only the things that you align with.
  • Breaking past your fears in business.

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