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If you are a follower of mine, you know I recently had some time with my husband on a little getaway. It was such a time to recharge and refresh. This past week has been all things magnetic. Which brought me to want to dive into why I created this amazing program, Magnetic, to teach you how to become a master manifestor to manifest anything you want.

After I met my husband, we merged our businesses and ran a very successful 6-figure business together. I was successful, I was happy, but I just knew…I was meant to use my gifts in a slightly different way. Maybe you feel that way? Maybe, there is something inside that is saying this isn’t all that there is. I was sitting on the outside watching others write their books, do their podcasts, and really help people. I felt like, wow, I am really meant to do that too.

When I first started coaching, I was working with women in real estate, then it became women in business, and I started building women on their platforms to transform their businesses or careers. Over and over and over the deeper work, the spiritual work is what was making the biggest transformation with these women.

I knew I was meant to not only serve a bigger group of women but also teach them how to become masters of their lives by becoming master manifestors themselves. I am teaching this so you can actually drop in and know that you can actually have the tools, techniques, and the skills to actually become a master manifestor and transform your life.

The work we do in Magnetic is so powerful and transformational, it is sometimes difficult to put into words. It’s intense, but it meets you exactly where you are.

For 6 weeks we are all in, all together. Teaching you how to rewire your brain, become a master manifestor, and look at life in a different paradigm, so that you can literally shift your life into a life of abundance. It’s not a lot of physical time, but you are going to be practicing these new skills every day. You have to start living your life differently, immediately and show up for yourself.

If you are thinking, I don’t have time, when is it going to be time? When are you going to start showing up for yourself? This program will show you that NOW is the time to start showing up for yourself, become a master manifestor and live a life of abundance.

This program is packed. You will feel differently. You will have more energy. You will heal relationships. In these 6 weeks together, we will have live calls, weekly released content, profound visualization, guided meditations and binary beats, breathwork, and so much more.

NOW is the time to invest in yourself and I can’t say when we’re starting again, but I am looking forward to serving you and seeing these massive transformations. Check out to get all the information, join the waitlist, and reach out with any questions. I am beyond excited for this and I hope you are too! I look forward to seeing your name on the waitlist and let’s get on this master manifestor journey together!

I was successful, I was happy, but I just knew...I was meant to use my gifts in a slightly different way.

What’s Inside:

  • All things Magnetic.
  • Why Magnetic was created, what it is, and what to expect.
  • How to manifest anything you want and become a master manifestor.
  • How to transform your life.

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