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How To Harness The Power of Manifesting To Create An Aligned + Abundant Life

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Planning Session + Guide


The workshop that teaches you the science behind manifesting so you can take full control of your mind, body and spirit regardless of what’s going on in the world.

I know what you are looking for:

Few Things Are For Sure:

its now time to focus

It's Now Time To Focus on You!

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What Do You Want To Manifest?

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What’s Your Next Step?

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What’s The Money You Desire To Make?

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What Impact Do You Want To Have?


In The Past, You’ve Felt That It Had To Be “All Or Nothing.” 

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You used to think that if you dreamt bigger, wanted to make more money or impact you had to sacrifice parts of yourself, your time or your family.

I Get it. You want to keep what’s working for you and you want to create more abundance in your life. And there’s part of you that's wondering if it’s really possible.

Here's the good news...the old ways of doing things have expired

“Work Harder” “Do More” “This Or That”
There’s a new perspective and a new way of making things happen that is so much more joyful and in alignment.

There’s no need to sacrifice or feel like you are surviving anymore.

It’s time to thrive, create and live in a higher frequency

where you are accessing joy, freedom and feeling so aligned that you feel compelled to take inspired action towards your dreams.

“I got very clear about what I do and don’t want in this next phase of my life. I made some big decisions that I’m not overthinking or questioning, just trusting my intuition.” -Natalie

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And this is available for you NOW.

But you’ve got to have a plan and you’ve got to start doing some things differently.

And this is available for you NOW.

But you’ve got to have a plan and you’ve got to start doing some things differently.

get ready to manifest my love

Get Ready To Manifest My Love, Because It's Time

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Aligned with Abundance

Planning Session + Guide

Planning Session

+ Guide

The workshop that teaches you the science behind manifesting so you can take full control of your mind, body and spirit regardless of what’s going on in the world.
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"Heidi as a teacher is magical. But the best part is the fire, love and passion that she brings. Heidi made me feel seen and helped me stop doubting myself. She can see the journey you are on but doesn’t give you the map. She empowers you to find your way on your own and that transformation will last me a lifetime." -Maxie

For conscious women wanting a ritualistic workshop that you can do on your own time to guide you in closing out the past and moving into an open heart and a clear knowing of what’s next

here is everything that is

Here is everything that's included!

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Aligned with Abundance Workshop

Dive into the vortex with this 4-part video series teaching you the science behind manifesting, how to tap into the quantum field and get clear on your vision.

Aligned with Abundance Planning Session

Aligned with Abundance PDF Workbook to guide you through your completion of anything weighing you down from the past & welcoming in a whole new vibration and energy.
new stuff
new stuff

Aligned with Abundance Planning Session

Aligned with Abundance PDF Workbook to guide you through your completion of anything weighing you down from the past & welcoming in a whole new vibration and energy.
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Aligned with Abundance Mantras

Unlike your standard guided meditation, there’s nothing you need to do to reap the benefits of this guided integration.
You’ll pop in your earbuds, relax, breathe and allow the theta waves audio file along with high frequency words and mantras begin to reprogram and recalibrate your physical, mental and emotional bodies.


Plus, get these 3 bonuses for free!

(the bonuses alone are worth over $500!)

#1 - 7 Step Proven Wealth Manifestation Method Video Series

50 min of money manifestation training!

This is my proven 7 steps that I have used for years to continually manifest the money, the houses and the wealthy life that I have today. This masterclass is packed with content and wisdom, you won’t stop taking notes on this one and you can implement these techniques and steps immediately!
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#2 - Uncording Guided Meditation

50 min of money manifestation training!

Use this to detach from people, places and things at any time but especially before you go to bed. Clear your entire energetic field and unwind your system with this 15 min guided visualization.
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#3 - Aligned with Abundance Screensavers and Phone Reminders!

Everywhere you look should be a reminder of the future self you are creating and who you are stepping into. Use our beautifully designed screensavers and phone reminders to consistently bring you back into alignment.
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In case you're wondering...

Who Is This Chick And Why Should I Listen To Her?

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Hi, I’m Heidi.

A mindset, wealth consciousness expert and serial manifestor. After studying and applying this work for the past 10 years, I’ve created a life I didn’t think was possible. I’ve supported hundreds of women to manifest their best life and experience abundance, freedom and joy through my online courses, retreats and coaching.
I have my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing, built and run a multi-7 figure real estate team with my husband. I’m a mom of two little ones, a wife and live in San Diego.
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I’ve manifested multiple homes, a vacation house, incredible team members and support.

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I’ve experienced first hand the incredible transformation of doing the work from the inside out.

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I now support women to awaken to the truth of who they are and create lives better than they think is possible.

looking forward to being on this journey

and I'm looking forward to being on this journey with YOU!


“Heidi is real and a great resource for spiritual tools. It has been such an amazing experience, I continue to go back to the content. I highly recommend it.” -Claudia

Aligned with Abundance Guide and Planner

An easy to understand guide to raising your frequency and getting clarity on what you want to focus on in the new year.
aligned with abundance
Total Value Over $800

Regular Price = $97

Today’s Price = $27
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We know that sometimes you’re not 100% sure that its the right fit for you. We have 100% confidence in the integrity of our work, and want to make sure you are confident too!
If it’s just not the right vibe (for any reason!) please email the team at and you will get your money back.
*We feel so confident that if you do the above you will feel some type of shift, up-level and further alignment and if this just isn’t your thing after doing the above, it’s not the program for you, and we’re okay with that.
frequently asked
Immediately after purchasing, you will get an email with instructions to access the entire course. Your next step is to login, watch the intro video and you will be on your way to manifesting your next level life!
No. This can be completed in one sitting, or in parts. We estimate the entire process to take approximately two hours.
100%! This is such a powerful process to do with partners that are open to it!
Great question, this is for anyone who wants to learn more about manifesting and how to use these techniques to plan and guide the next level of your life. This can be applied to your business, your home life or your corporate job. We have entrepreneurs of all types, stay at home moms and women that work in corporate that do this work.
Most of our students don’t know what they want to manifest when they get started. Align with Abundance walks you through a process of getting clear, accessing your intuition and knowing the next steps to take in your life.
Thank you! We look forward to continuing to work with you. There are several other small products you can get immediately including Rise Up Morning Routine, Wealth Reset and Align Higher. If you’d like to be part of one of our more in-depth programs and coaching, please go to the website at and go to the Work with Me tab.

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