Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset: Which One Are You Living In?

I am really feeling the energy as this week goes on! Today’s topic is about abundance vs scarcity mindset which might ruffle some feathers and that’s ok. I just love the conversation of financial abundance and money. This topic historically speaking for women, is very taboo. Women stereotypically are not meant to have a strong connection with success and money. We often do not feel safe to desire, and we haven’t been shown how to make money in a feminine way.

The women in my life growing up that did work and were out there making their own financial abundance did so in a masculine way. When it was time for me to make my way out into the corporate world, I did the same thing, and eventually, the competitive nature of it all just completely burned me out. I just knew I had to do things differently.

Everything in life is all super-connected, so when we start to unravel our unconscious patterning, it can be kind of like the game Jenga. Abundance vs scarcity mindset is exactly like Jenga. When we pull one block out, the rest start to fall eventually. Working through our money issues can cause a positive ripple effect across our lives. We’re all reincarnated to learn different things in this earth school, and we can trace much of how we react to things in life back to what was programmed into us as children. It’s really important to go back to who that little girl was inside so you can identify where the belief came from and consciously choose differently.

Spirit wants us to have it all. There’s no reason we can’t be mama bears and do our work in the world as well. Women can thrive and be monetarily successful in a masculine world. Being open to receiving is the feminine way of winning over the abundance vs scarcity mindset, so you can even manifest through your partner. When we’re open, become vessels to however spirit wants us to be blessed. God wants us to be wealthy. Money is energy and energy is currency.

What we focus on expands and what we focus on we attract. When we focus on the abundance vs scarcity mindset, we manifest and attract what we focus more on. You have the choice and can make the choice.

When we drop into the vortex, get to the root of our money issues, and consciously rewire ourselves, we can then access that fully abundant life that we all deserve.

Working through our money issues can cause a positive ripple effect across our lives.

What’s Inside:

  • Getting to the root of our negative beliefs about money.
  • The feminine vs. masculine ways of creating abundance.
  • Visualization to access your inner child.
  • Abundance vs scarcity mindset.

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