My 7 Step Signature Manifesting Process to Attract Anything in Your Life

Today’s big question, what is your next level? I know you are ready to level up and I have the manifestation tips to get you there. I am explaining my 7 Step Signature Manifesting Process, this is so rich and so good because I have the experience and the testimonials to back it up. You will not believe what can happen when you are up to it. If you are ready to learn how to start manifesting, these steps are the foundation.

My 7 Step Signature Manifesting Process

  • Step 1:What is it that you want? Give yourself permission to desire and break past the box you’ve been in.
  • Step 2: Why do you want what you want? What feelings are you craving?
  • Step 3: Let go and surrender. Like attracts like. Let the universe do its work!
  • Step 4: Align your vibration. Let go of past hurts, clean out the inner gunk. This is the internal work.
  • Step 5: Take inspired action. Inspired action can feel uncomfortable but also come with ease. Follow the next right action on your heart.
  • Step 6: Acting as if … What is the woman in your vision dressed like? What does that woman look like?
  • Step 7: Receive. As women, we are conditioned to just keep giving and giving. We make ourselves martyrs and become passive-aggressive towards the people who can provide us with what we need.

This 7 step manifesting process changes the woman you are and the energy that you walk around with. You get a new level of energy, time and resources. I’m not kidding you, it changes you in significant ways so you manifest what you want in your life.

Someone said that you need to be the CEO of your life. And I completely agree with that! You always – ALWAYS – need to show up for yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. You show up for yourself as a leader.

So again, ask yourself what is that next level that you are dreaming and desiring? What is that next level that you want? I don’t want you to think 100 steps ahead. The thing about us women is we think so far ahead that we get an escape in the dream to the point that what we’re wanting is fantasy. I want you to really bring it into what is available for you right now. What this does for you is setting that intention and desire that forces you to declare to the universe.

Are you ready to take the next step in the manifesting process and attracting anything in your life? Download my 10-minute guided visualization and Embody Your Future Self NOW!

Let go and surrender. Like attracts like. Let the universe do its work!

What’s Inside:

  • How to attract anything you want in your life
  • How to tune in and jolt your energy
  • What is the 7 Step Signature Manifesting Process?
  • Be the CEO of your life.
  • Why it’s important to always show up for yourself. 
  • What is your next level?

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